Welcome to the Electronic Lunch, an online resource for ART 265

Instructor:  James Hutchens

This class will explore all the various concepts and techiniques involved in using your digital camera. We'll also be working with digital imaging software, so a good working knowledge of using the computer is required.

Our textbook called Complete Digital Photography is highly recommended as a companion to this website. This is a very well written and comprehensive book that is available at the bookstore or online.

Yes, you will need a capable digital camera.  It need not be a $1500 camera, but it must allow you to make creative adjustments of many types.  See me if you have any doubts about the ability of your camera to meet our needs. Most cameras will work as long as they are not cell phones, or webcams, or some other compromized example of a digital camera.

Other items that will be required later in the term include, Tripod, Memory card reader.

I am still working on this mobile app, but you can check out the progress here.

For the best response time of questions via email, I strongly encourage you to Email me at: james@jameswebdesign.com

Purchase the Student Discounted Version of
Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements [ HERE ]:

If you are not sure when our final exam is,  please check the cocc.edu website. 

Final on Monday Dec 9 at 8am!