Composite the Elephant

  1. You can begin to create a rough selection of the elephant by first using the quick selection tool
    1. As you paint the elephant with QST, it will grow to the edges of the elephant
  2. Use the selection brush to prefect your initial selection (use the mode=mask)
  3. copy the elephant
  4. Paste the elephant into the circus
  5. Use the Show Bounding Box to re-size the elephant to stand in the ring
  6. Darken the Elephant layer by choosing Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Levles
  7. Change the Input levels (midtones to darken)
  8. Change color of elephant by choosing Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust color for skin tone
  9. Begin creating shadow:
  10. Ctrl-click the layer thumbnail of elephant to create a selection
  11. Create a new empty layer by clicking the new layer button at the bottom of the layers palette
  12. Soften the edges of your selection by choosing Select > Feather (choose 30 px)
  13. Make sure your empty layer is the active layer
  14. Edit > File Selection > Use : black
  15. Choose Select > Deselect to eliminate you selection
  16. Use the move tool to move you black blob of shadow around
  17. Re-arrange your shadow so that it is under your elephant layer
  18. With your shadow as your active layer, choose Image > Transform > Distort
  19. Another way to create a shadow for very soft lighting, is to simply paint with a soft black brush onto an empty layer (blob) and distort from there.