Introduction to Guided Editing

  1. Download crooked_photographer image from important files
  2. Work with this image through the guided editing
  3. Open the photoshop organizer
  4. Choose File > Get Photos and Videos > From Files and Folders
  5. Correct crookedness rotate tool
  6. Crop
  7. Rotate 90degrees if necessary
  8. Remove color cast
  9. Zoom in
  10. Click on camera
  11. Zoom out
  12. Adjust skin tone
  13. Enhance colors, add saturation
  14. Improve the Saturation with Enhance colors
  15. Zoom in to small dirt above head
  16. Choose the Spot Healing Brush
  17. Use Spot healing brush to remove dust in sky
  18. Use Healing brush to remove spots on face
  19. Photography Effects ( Lomo, Old Fashioned )