Macro Photography

Marcro photography is photography that explores extremely close-up images.  The interesting thing here is that compact and affordable cameras are often more adept at doing this type of photography. SLR cameras needs specialized equipment to get extreme close-ups, but compact cameras have built-in capabilites to do it; partly because of the nature of very small lenses.

Compact Cameras

  • With compact cameras, you need only find the Macro mode (usually denoted by a flower icon), and then the camera will automatically adapt to focising on very close objects.  Be careful to turn off the flash for this, becuase the flash will not only be too bright, but the close proximity to the subject may result in a shadow from the flash based on the angle of the light and how far out your lens prodrudes from the camera body

SLR Cameras

  • With SLR cameras, you can use a specialized lens that is designed to focus on close subjects
  • You can alternatively get what is called an extension tube.  This tube can be expensive, but not as expensive as a macro lens.  You install the tube where the lense would go and then you attach the lens to it.  It can turn any lens into a macro lens.
  • Close up filters.  These are not really filters, but they are not lenses like your other lenses.  They are simple magnifying glass elements that can magnify the light before it passes through your lens by attaching them to the front of the lens.
  • An experimental, but generally effective method is to remove the lens from your camera and gently hold it on backwards.  This my not be good for bright light, and you won't have autofocus; also you must hold on tightly simply with the pressure of your hand while you shoot.