Printing Issues

When creating images that are a non-standard shape, which could mean square, or panoramic shape images, you must consider that your print service may well automatically crop your image in order to fit it into the standard size that you request.  All of the sandard sizes are modest rectangles, such as 8x10",5x7",11x14", etc.

What you must do in order to prepare your image so that your printing service can provide you a full-image print is add margins to your image to get it to conform to the sizes that they print. For instance, let's say you decide to print a square image, and the only closest size/shape is 8x10" print.

  1. Reduce the smallest dimension of your image to the smallest dimension of the print you want: i.e. reduce your square image to a size of 8" because you're going to print it on an 8" print.
  2. Change your background color to a medium Grey color
  3. Choose Image > Canvas Size
  4. Change one of the dimensions to the large dimension of your desired print size; i.e. 10"
  5. This will add grey margins to your image so that it becomes the correct shape for your print service
  6. The grey is important, becuase otherwise it can have an impact on the brightness or darkness of the print when the machine which prints it analizes it for tonality.

Printing from Photoshop Elements has never been so easy. There are many nice features that now allow you to place your printout anywhere and any size on your document, as well as tools that help you to print multiple photos on the same page.

Start from the Organizer and select one image. Then choose File>Print. This will take you to the Print Selected Photos dialog. There are step by step guides that will take you through the process of printing. 1) Choose your printer. 2) Select the type of print. Here you will be able to choose to: print each image actual size, Create a contact sheet that will allow you to print small thumbnails of many images on one page, Create a picture package that gives you the choice to print multiple images of various sizes on different sizes of paper, or lables which is like the contact sheet, but specifically designed for standard sized labels.

Choose Picture Package. Then, under Select a Layout, choose 2 5x7. This selection will create a perfectly spaced layout of 2 5x7 sized images so that you can easily cut them and fit them into standard sized frames.

At this point, however you probably only see one image, not two. You can add more images by clicking on the green plus sign at the bottom of the side bar containing a thumbnail of your current image. When you click this button, you will be taken into the add photos dialog and from there you can choose to add one or more images to your current picture package.

Once you hit OK, you will now see two images in your 2 5x7 picture package layout.

For Panoramic images (or other Horizontal images)

  1. image > Resize > Image Size 
  2. adjust the largest dimension in inches to match the largest dimension of your target print size
  3. Visit image > Resize > Canvas Size
  4. Change the vertical dimension of the canvas to match the vertical dimension of the target print size
  5. Change the "Canvas Extension Color"  to Grey

Cropping for Printer

Once you choose the crop tool, you can find options in the options bar that will give you choices to crop your image to common print sizes.  Choose the pulldown menu called "Aspect Ratio".

Make sure your resolution is 300!

For custom ratios, you can simply enter figures into the width and height.

Printing at Home

  1. Use Photo paper
  2. Set your printer software for the correct media (paper) you have
  3. Set your printer resoution (quality) to a high setting
  4. Avoid toching the surface of the photo before it has dried properly

Flatten Your Image

It is important to bring a flat jpeg image to the printer and not your large layered photoshop image so that their equipment can understand your file.

You can flatten your image by choosing Layer > Flatten Image