Project 1: Scavenger Hunt

This project will challenge you to try out the things we've discussed. I'll want everyone to shoot 9 images:

Project 2: A day in the life of America

Like the famous book from the 80s, we'll be creating our own series of images that attempt to capture the spirit of everyday life in our country.

Project 3: The Landscape Image

Landscape subjects continue to inspire and intrigue photographers and viewers alike and I feel it will be fun to analyze and emulate some favorite landscape images to help us capture the world around us in a way that is powerful as an image.

Project 4: Night Photography

Night photographs can be fun because of what can happen during a long exposure that you hadn't intended. Also, shooting at night can be a strange and interesting experience because it is an altered reality from what we normally experience.

Project 5: Portrait Ideas

Portraits continue to be the majority of the images we take and see, but how are they done. We'll experiment with a couple of techniques, as well as hone our understanding of lighting, focus, depth of field, composition, and more.

Project 6: Composite images

Composite images are images that are composed of more than one image. A good example of this is the creation of a "panoramic" image that is actually composed of multiple images taken from slightly different angles and then combined to form a large seamless image.

Project 7: Visual Irony

Fascinating surreal images can be created by combining separate images that don't normally belong together. This can result in interesting meanings and even dreamscapes or other "fantastic" images.

Project 8: The Photographic Series

This project will challenge students to create a series of 10 images that express a progression, story, concept, explore variety or similarity, etc. This project will be presented online.  An 600 word artist statement will also be presented with your images.